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For Controling Your Energy Production

Understanding and acknowledging that we are created in the image of God, and are invited to participate in what God is doing in the world, using our God given gifts and resources for the good of others.

To ensure a full change and sustainable development there should be a change in the relationship between people themselves and the environment, economically, socially, healthily, education, justice, and in other aspects of life in general.


We desire to see the Rubavu Community free of poverty and any social run-down, and then become a model and an agent of holistic transformation both to Rwanda and the world in general.


To motivate, equip and empowering local community influential leaders, cooperatives, groups, vulnerable families, orphans and children in particular, by capacity building and sustainable socioeconomic initiatives.


LCTD exists to contribute to community holistic transformation. For us to know the current status of the community, works with its partners mainly families, the Local Government Leaders, Health Centers, and Health Community Workers. In cooperation with God Cares, Swiss Empowerment Worldwide, Warm Blank and others, we strive for remarkable change focusing on 5 main domains namely Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health and Nutrition, Sustainable Peace Building and Christian Education and Evangelism. Our direct beneficiaries include vulnerable families, stunted children and orphans, while indirect beneficiaries are local community leaders, Cooperatives and Development Based Groups